In Guovdageaidnu there is a lot of fish. Perch is a tasty fish which could be caught and eaten more than what is done now.
(Foto: Svein Lund)

Guovdageainnu meahcceguovddáš / Kautokeino Nature Center

Angelica archangelica is a well known plant for food and medical use, one of the mostly used plants in sami tradition. It grows many places in Guovdageaidnu, especially close to lakes and rivers.
(Foto: Svein Lund)

Join the Guovdageainnu meahcceguovddáš-association!

Guovdageainnu meahcceguovddáš is a nature center under upbuilding in Guovdageaidnu (Kautokeino), Finnmark, Norway. 10.06.2018 it was decided to found Guovdageainnu meahcceguovddáš as an association, and we are registered with organisation number 921362595.

We invite everybody to join as a member. Member fee is for persons 100 NOK a year or 1000 NOK forever, for companies / institutions / associations. 1000 NOK a year or 10000 NOK forever. You may become member by paying to our account 1254.62.91144.

Ordinary early assembly will be 21.11.2018 at 18 o'clock in the Culture House.

The English text is so far only covering a small part of our activities. More information can be found in the Norwegian and Sami versions.

Easter activities of the Nature center

Poster about the Easter activities of the Nature Center.
(Poster: Ellen Cecilie Triumf-Buljo)

(Poster: Åsa Margget Anti)

(Poster: Åsa Margget Anti)

Guovdageaidnu Nature Center has made a lot of Easter activities at the Culture House to show what can be in the planned future Nature Center. This we do by means of exhibitions, small courses and workshops.
Here is the program, which we mainly followed, with some pictures from different activities: Monday 26.03.
14-16 Ptarmican snaring / skiing with oldfashioned skies
14-16 Yoik workshop for children
16-18 Making traditional food

Ptarmican snaring combined with skiing with oldfashioned skies
(Foto: Marit E. Murud)

Yoik workshop for children.
(Foto: SL)

Karen Marie Eira Buljo shows the exhibition on reindeer herding and explains for visitors.
(Foto: SL)

Tuesday 27.03.
11-17 Cafeteria: Sami food, coffee and cakes. Handicraft and books for sale.
13. Official opening of exhibition by Laila Susanne Vars.
12-16 Activity station for children
14-15 Fish skin workshop
13-15 Lavvu

There potted up several activities outside of the program. In front children learnt japanese origami, in background there were traditional sami psalm singing.
(Foto: SL)

On the yard of the House of Culture there was raised a lávvu (Sami tent).
(Foto: SL)

In the lávvu Karen Marie Eira Buljo showed how a lávvu is used and told the names of the different parts in Sami language.
(Foto: SL)

We got visit from a nearby kindergarten.
(Foto: SL)

Course in making decorations from fish skin had participants from near and far.
(Foto: SL)

Laila Susanne Vars and Karen Marie Eira Buljo opened officially the easter activiteis and told about the work and plans of the Nature Center.
(Foto: SL)

Wednesday 28.03.
11-17 Cafeteria: Sami food, coffee and cakes. Handicraft and books for sale.
12-16 Activity station for children
14 Seminar: "Communication between reindeers and people"

Local craftswomen offered their products.
(Foto: SL)

Speach on communication between humans and reindeers
(Foto: SL)

In the kitchen there was great activity.
(Foto: SL)

The exhibition was 21.–23.03. at Diehtosiida, 26.–28.03. at Culture House and is 03.–11.04. at Sami secondary school and reindeer herding school. May be it will be shown other places later.
Here are some pictures from the exhibition:

The first part of the exhibition tells about the work of the Nature Center.
(Foto: Svein Lund)

Exhibitions on different topics.
(Foto: Svein Lund)

Reindeer and herding
(Foto: Svein Lund)

Some nature centers we have visited.
(Foto: Svein Lund)

Mines in Biedjovággi.
(Foto: Svein Lund)

Books about plants and some dried plants for food and medicine.
(Foto: Svein Lund)

What do we want with the Nature Center?

We want to build a center to strengthen knowledge about and use of the nature around Guovdageaidnu (Kautokeino).

The center shall be an offer for schools, local population and tourists.

First we made a preproject. Preproject report (in Norwegian)
Summary (in Sami),

Interim board

Autumn 2017 we made a interim board, which will lay the foundation for a permanest institution and seek cooperation and financing. The board will also arrange courses and pilot projects.

The Interim board consists of:

LeaderEllen Cecilie Triumf-Buljoellentriumf@gmail.com91594944
Deputy leaderNils Ole N. Skumnilsole@hotmail.com92806938
SecretaryMáret J. Heattamaretjh@gmail.com40195813
Board membersKaren Marie Eira Buljokarenmarja@hotmail.com46189976
Laila Susanne Varslailasusanne@gmail.com90030998
Svein Lundsveilund@online.no90727698
Anders S. Buljoanders.buljo@kautokeino.kommune.no90102503

Interim board has invited local organisations to discuss cooperation. Here are from the left around the table: Ellen Cecilie Triumf-Buljo, Nils Ole Skum, Violeta Basa (Tuvrrahasat), Anders S. Buljo, Laila Susanne Vars, Inger Elin (Natur og Ungdom), Anja Risten B. Eira (Natur og Ungdom), Máret Heatta.
(Foto: Svein Lund)

Pilot prosjects

In the preproject there wew suggested some possible pilot projects.

The first, on Sami names of plants and animals, was done during the preproject.

The interim board will give priority to 8 projects:

Guovdageaidnu-Alta river and power plantRiddo Duottar MuseatSvein Lund
Fishes og fishing/a>Nils Ole N. Skum
Climate and weather signsMáret J. Heatta
Food from natureEllen Cecilie Triumf-Buljo
Birds and huntingNils Ole N. Skum
Reindeer herdingKaren Marie Eira Buljo
PlantsSvein Lund
Biedjovággi minesSvein Lund

We have got office!

The Nature Center has got office at the Culture House.

Our office is behind this door
(Foto: Svein Lund)

At least we have some books.
(Foto: Svein Lund)

Short facts about the Nature Centre Guovdageainnu Meahcceguovddáš

Initiator: Naturvernforbundet i Ávjovárri (Friends of the Earth), autumn 2015
Preprojekt: January 2016 – September 2017.
Interim board from September 2017
Founded as organisation June 2018. Founding declaration and rules
Organisation number: 921 362 595.
Bank account: 1254.62.91144
Office: Guovdageaidnu culture house, 1st floor, Bredbuktnesveien 50
Post adress: Pb. 90. 9521 Guovdageaidnu